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The Power of Comfort

When disaster strikes its important to know where your family members are.  Most tracking systems focus on food and supplies. Our system focuses on tracking disaster victims.

After a disaster, offend the communication systems are over burdoned. Its hard to get through by telephone and other communication systems, if at all availible. Family members are worried and rightly so. Unfortunatly many times family membors will travel to the disaster zone and become victims themselves.

Disaster database can help aleviate this added strain on the disaster zone. By providing updated information to web, families can learn the status and location of their loved ones.


How DisasterDB Works

How exactly does all this communications type stuff happen when a disaster area is flattened? Well it starts with a network of radio connected computers. Often radios are the only way to communicate within the dz. We use this fact and create a regional radio based computer network. 

How does the information get into the system? Rescue workers, medics, etc
use PDAs and Laptops to collect victim information. This information is later uploaded at the base station(s). The base stations sync and maintain a localized database.  This database can be queried to find out victim status and locations in another region of the disaster zone.

One or more stations act as a gateway to the internet. This connection should be some kind of broadband (Cable, DSL, Sat, etc...). The regional database syncs with the internet database. From here web queries can be run against the web database.

 Comment by Admin
The This project will take a bit of time to complete. Well then again is any project ever complete. But at the very least it will take time to show some kind of tangible shape. I work on this in my spare time as most projects are worked. I want to create a basic framework/game plan, then will add developers as needed.
 Comment by Admin
I still haven't decided whether or not to work with 9600 baud TNCs instead of the 1200s, or 2400s. There are plus and minuses to all.
 Comment by Admin
I have made some whitepapers, well actually documents since they are not of the best quality. I hope to have them posted soon.

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